Nautilus Hyosung MX 2600SE Halo II ATM – Shell Unit


All ATMs Include FREE: Shipping, Training, Signage, Receipt Paper, Tech Support, Remote Monitoring, Phone App, Text or Email Alert Setup

If you are looking for complete ATM, this is not the correct unit for you as it is sold without a dispenser as an upgrade unit. We strongly recommend you consider the Halo 2 ATM if you are looking for a new, fully functional ATM. We offer the best rates and the cheapest pricing you will find on ATMs. Click here for more information on the Halo 2 ATM, or to place an order if you are ready to do so.


This HALO 2 Shell unit is sold without a dispenser. You must have a compatible dispenser to be able to install into this shell unit in order to have a functional ATM. This is an Ideal way to upgrade from a non-EMV compliant older Minibank 1500 or 1800 with a good dispenser.

  • EMV Card Reader 
  • Electronic Lock 
  • Compatible with any NH CDU
  • 10.2″ Color TFT LCD Screen
  • Infrared Touch Function Keys
  • Win CE Operating System
  • 56K Dial-Up & TCP/IP with SSL
  • 12 Month Warranty



Voltage Regulation/Surge Protection


* Smart Tip * ‘Wireless Cellular Purchase’ is the preferred method when you don’t have access to a location’s internet router, can’t run an ethernet cable, or if you prefer to be wireless. We will send you a pre-configured router that is plug-and-play ready. (Currently $100 off on sale for only $150, down from $250)


All processing customers receive the 1st 90 days of our full parts and labor warranty for free. Continued coverage is $.20 per transaction with a $19 monthly minimum. We highly recommend you increase your intended surcharge by $.25 to offset this warranty fee and insure that you have full parts and labor coverage.

Transaction Processing

Setup / Installation


The Nautilus Hyosung Halo II Shell Unit is the perfect solution for businesses looking for a secure and safe ATM option. This innovative model boasts a sleek design that is suitable for a variety of locations, from small convenience stores to high-end retail locations. The Halo II’s LED lighting around the keypad attracts more users and increases transactions and revenue. The user-friendly interface is presented on a 10.1-inch LCD screen and is easily accessible for users.

The Halo II is a reliable choice, thanks to its proven cash dispensing technology that has been engineered for maximum uptime. It’s also easy to operate and maintain, with a highly intuitive operator menu program that allows both first-time and veteran users to easily operate the machine. Additionally, it is designed to be environmentally friendly and energy-efficient.

The Halo II also offers enhanced security features an EMV card reader, and secure communications protection using Transport Layer Security (TLS) transmission encryption. 

If you’re looking for a secure and safe ATM option that is a proven workhorse, the Nautilus Hyosung Halo II is a great choice. With its sleek design, reliability, ease of use and maintenance, and advanced security features, it has been a game-changer in the world of Automated Teller Machines.

Additional information

Weight 265 lbs
Dimensions 23.4 × 15.7 × 54.2 in

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