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Introducing Nautilus Hyosung’s newest flagship ATM, the MX-2600SE also known as the HALO II ATM

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The HALO II offers a unique, sleek design perfect for locations ranging from

small convenience stores to high-end retail ATM locations. Eye-catching, customizable color LED lighting around the keypad attracts more users to drive additional transactions and revenue to your bottom line. The Nautilus Hyosung intuitive application interface is presented on a vivid 10.1-inch LCD screen, and all user touch points (screen interface, keypad and cash exit) are positioned for optimal visibility and access.


Nautilus Hyosung continues to lead the industry in reliability and ease of service. The HALO II uses proven cash dispensing technology engineered for maximum uptime, widely regarded as the best in the industry.


The HALO II provides a highly intuitive operator menu program that enables first-time and veteran users to easily operate and service the machine. It incorporates Nautilus Hyosung modular component architecture designed for high reliability, quick service and maximum accessibility.


The HALO II is equipped with energy-saving, long-lasting features and parts designed to minimize environmental impact. The system uses components compatible with other Nautilus Hyosung retail models, allowing customers to protect their investments in interchangeable spare parts. ATM users also have the paper-saving option of no receipt or screen display of a QR-encoded digital receipt.


The HALO II utilizes the Nautilus Hyosung enhanced retail application, which enables customers to earn additional revenue from transactions such as Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC), donations, lottery and decimal surcharge. The system is also positioned to support cardless cash withdrawals using an optional NFC reader (Near Field Communications) feature, an attractive option to users transitioning to cardless transactions.

The NH-2700CE is the most advanced, next generation ATM for the retail market.

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Nautilus Hyosung 2700 ATM, NH2700 ATM

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Sleek Design

The NH-2700CE features elegant lines allowing it to blend in seamlessly in any location. The 2700′s a highly advanced user interface and graphics enhance the design and give the ATM the capability to stream news and weather updates, change backgrounds, and display advertisements. The optional LED topper or LCD topper provide powerful advertising opportunities as well.

Enhanced Power and Security

The new ARM v7 Cortex a8 CPU offers powerful data processing to allow multitasking, networking. The available security pack including a thermal and vibration sensors and a local siren ensure that your ATM is safe, as does the enhanced safe door and locking mechanism.A UL buiness-hour safe and PCI EPP (Encrypting PIN pad) provide a secure transaction enviroment. For enhanced security, choose an option electronic or KABA Mas Cenconsafe lock.

High Capacity

A variety of cash-dispensing configurations are available with a capacity of up to 4000 notes. The 6 notes per second dispensing
speed, double detection sensor, and reject cassette translate into quick, reliable transactions and full customer satisfaction


Like all Nautilus Hyosung ATMs, the 2700 CE is designed with minimum maintenance and maximum uptime in mind. Nautilus Hyosung ATMs have a proven track record in the U.S. Market

 The MX 5200SE is the Most  Flexible Solution for High-Volume, High-Value Transactions.

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The striking design and advanced function options of the 5200 make this ATM the ideal choice for bank-branded, high-end retail locations and sites requiring greater security. The 5200 offers a brilliant 12.1-inch TFT LCD monitor with a function key or a 2.1-inch combination touch/function key user interface (Microsoft® Windows® 7 only).


The 5200 cash capacity ranges from a single 1,000-note cassette to three 2,000-note cassettes, providing a maximum load of 6,000 notes. Using proven Nautilus Hyosung dispenser technology, the5200 is the ideal platform for high transaction volume sites


Security is essential with any ATM and especially for cash dispensers with a large cash capacity. The 5200 offers customers a choice of a UL 291 certified business hours safe with enhanced break-in protection or a heavy-duty Level-1 safe. Enhanced physical protection includes a reinforced cash tray and heavier metal plating. For added intrusion and fraud security, the 5200 offers a camera-ready fascia, optional anti-skim EMV card reader and support for Transport Layer Security (TLS) network encryption protocol.


The 5200 can be counted on to stand up to heavy use. The system incorporates Nautilus Hyosung modular component architecture designed for high reliability, quick and easy service and accessibility.


The 5200 provides a choice of either an affordable Microsoft® Windows® CE 6.0 processor running Nautilus Hyosung popular retail application software, or for even greater flexibility, a Microsoft® Windows® 7 platform running the retail application or NDC emulation. The Nautilus Hyosung enhanced retail application enables customers to earn additional revenue from transactions such as Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC), donations, lottery and surcharge segmentation. The NFC reader option also positions the5200 for future support of cardless cash withdrawals.

Monimax 5100T(NH-5040) can be upgraded with additional features and security: Monimax 5100T provides optional modules such as sunlight viewable LCD display, maximum 4 cassettes, electronic or cencon lock and 5.7″ supervisor display. Monimax 5100T ensures the complete security for the cardholder and financial institution with triple DES EPP, UL291 business hours and optional UL291 level 1 safe, and voice guidance system to meet ADA requirements.The optional remote monitoring system provides highly efficient management functions and true real time monitoring.
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Nautilus Hyosung 5100T ATM

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Monimax 5100T fits all ATM applications; walk-up and drive-up, kiosk and through-the-wall, on-premise and off-premise.It gives you true flexibility!

High Performance

Built on the Windows open platform,it can deliver multi-media advertisements and decrease transaction time. Thanks to its scalable hardware and software, advanced services and functions can be easily added.

Under Any Sunlight 

Its 10.4″ sunlight viewable color display supports perfect operation under any exterior environment.

Easy to Operate

Compact architecture and small footprint make installation simple and maintenance easy.


Any application software based on WOSA/XFS platform can be easily applied.

Monimax 7600T is designed to support multifunctional services with features such as cash acceptor, check scanner and envelope depository. A full range of features and functionalities enables the Monimax 7600T to meet the needs of your customers. Efficient and cost effective, Monimax 7600T provides the ultimate solution for your ATM portfolio.

Nautilus Hyosung 7600T ATM

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Powerful financial-transaction support

Monimax 7600T is the Ideal ATM solution for high volume transactions, enabling your customers to access their cash 24 x 7

Multi-function ATM

Monimax 7600T allows you to add additional functionalities, delivering a full range of account services to your customers at their convenience


Monimax 7600T guarantees high reliability and safety by satisfying demanded standards for supporting financial operation such as EMV, Encrypting PIN pad (Triple DES), EMV and UL291 Level 1

User-Friendly Design

Compliant with ADA requirements, Monimax 7600T is ergonomically designed to enable convenient transactions for its users. It offers easy operation with sunlight viewable 15” LCD display for customers and 15” large screen for maintenance personnel


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